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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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her daughter abducted more than 24 hours ago. how the police and fbi are strategizing to get her back as time becomes an enemy. >> shooting at a local college. tonight the lockdown is ended after a student is shot on campus. plus a high school hit list. what police reveal about a female student's journal and the the classmates she allegedly wanted to kill. >> we begin with a philadelphia woman's abduction. almost every chilling moment caught here on video. >> new tonight, there's a $10,000 reward in the case of carlesha freeland-gatiher. >> and we talk to her mother who made an emotional plea for her return. >> reporter: well, police tell us they have gotten a lot of tips and leads but so far nothing has panned out. they tell us tonight they believe her attacker was a stranger, and we are told the
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state police and fbi are now on the case. >> just give me back my baby, please. just let her go. >> a mother begs for her daughter to be returned safely. >> just let her go! just let her go! >> her tearful plea comes after her little girl, 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither kidnapped her off the street. >> whoever it was waited for her. >> it happened just before 10:00 sunday night. this surveillance video shows a man parking his gray or silver four-door sedan, believed to be a ford taurus. he gets out of the car and crosses the street but trails. she appears to try to get away from the street but struggles. at one point she falls to the ground to resist the man but he quickly grabbed her and threw her to the car. this nearby witness heard those cries for help and rushed towards the motion, but there was nothing he could do.
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>> he forced her into the car and threw her in the backseat. >> detectives believe you don't see the woman kicked out the rear driver and passenger windows before the car sped away. while the family tells me they feel desperate, they're not giving up hope. >> if you all are holding my sister hostage, just please let her go. just let her go right now. please let her go. don't hurt her. >> now police found the victim's glasses and cell phone on the ground nx to where she was kidnapped. they also picked up a glove and a large switchblade style knife. they are currently dusting for prohibits. if you know anything about the whereabouts o f the victim or who this suspect is, police say they want to hear from you. we're live outside northwest detectives for nbc 10 news. and once again, police say they're looking for a dark gray
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2000 to 2002 ford taurus. there was an unidentified plate on the front of the car. nbc 10 will keep you updated on this case. you can watch the entire t three-minute video now on our website. now to breaking news in delaware. a shooting at delaware state university tonight. one student was shot. the shooter remains on the lun. the campus is located in dover, delaware. you spoke o a student about the school going into lock down. >> he lives at this residence hall. like the other students at delaware state university, he received text necessary samgs and an e-mail alert telling him to stay inside. the shooting forced delaware state university to go into lockdown just after 4:00 this
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afternoon. sky force 10 over the learning shooting. it happened outside a residence hall for about 200 students. >> just shocked. it's something that can happen any time, but just pretty much shocked. >> police determined through the investigation there was no threat to students, so the lockdown was lifted about four hours after the shooting, shortly before 8:00 tonight. a police officer has been standing guard as students come and go late tonight. the student who was shot was taken to kent general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and due to tomorrow elections, there will be no classes tomorrow. @ university is closed. the search continues tonight for the shooter. to a thinker breaking story. a murder/suicide outside the
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ymca. a man ambushed his ex-boyfriend in the parking lot. he shot and killed her and then turned the gun on himself. the y was put on lockdown but the lockdown has been since lifted. bucks county authorities aren't sure what caused a truck driver to crash into an administration building tonight. no one in the building was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. to the weather now. a few rain drops tonight. things were dry when we stopped by chest not at center city. >> let's get the latest from sheena. >> well, it's going to be another cool morning. not as cold as it was this morning across the the area. still chilly in the morning. you may need a jacket for it. mid 50s in philadelphia. upper 40s in wilmington. 47 degrees in atlantic city. so we are cool at this hour. but as we go into tomorrow
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mormg, as you walk outside, again, not as cold in the morning. by 8:00, around 47 degrees. we'll see sunshine and dry conditions tomorrow. but it will be warmer day. by noon tomorrow we'll be around 60 degrees. that was near our high temperature today. but by the afternoon, we'll be 8 degrees warmer than today. also heavy rain plus your election day forecast is coming up. decision 2014, the polls open in a few hours. governors, senators, congressmen, all local leaders vying for your votes. tonight george spencer looks into the biggest race in pennsylvania. >> both candidates are focused on getting supporters out to the polls. both said the election is in their reach and tomorrow there will be a new watchdog, ensuring that the vote is fair. at polling places tomorrow,
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there will be new efforts to keep the vote secure. the philadelphia state attorney has created a new task force to prosecute any criminal activity during elections. it's meant to streamline election crime investigations and in the assumption that election day in the state's biggest city involves tampers. nbc 10 was there as volunteers finished their last full day asking voters for support and reminding them to get to the polls tomorrow. incumbent tom corbett struck a similar get out the vote tone mopg a crowd of supporters in his final campaign visit to our area in west chester airport hangar earlier today. he insists this will carry him over the finish line with four more years. >> we're trying to help the people of pennsylvania grow the economy of pennsylvania through fiscal discipline.
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reducing the size of government, which we have. and allowing the private sector to grow. >> late this afternoon, challenger tom wolfe made a stop in pittsburgh where he met with members of the steel workers union after meeting with small business leaders in lancaster earlier today. wolf emphasized his campaign pledge to better steer the state's economy and boost spending on education. >> we can look back and say actually, that hasn't worked. you hollow out our schools, and it doesn't help the economy. it doesn't help anybody. >> corbett will spend moegs of the day tomorrow in the pittsburgh area, but his lieutenant governor will be in bucks county. wolf will be in philadelphia before returning to his hometown in the afternoon. jim and jacqueline? >> george, thank you. tomorrow's election could change the landscape in the nation's capitol. tonight a spokesman says president obama believes the
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democrats will hold onto the senate. advantage of the low approval ratings. they need to add six seats in order to gain the majority. you can visit for an entire section on where the candidates stand on the issues. you'll see updates on air, online and on your mobile device once the polls close at 8:00. new at 11:00, camden police are working to solve the murder of a 21-year-old woman. karen ramirez was shot and killed around 3:00 this afternoon on grant street. she was walking down the street when she was shot. so far no suspects and no word on a possible motive. police will be back in the seen of a booby trap. he did it for security reasons. we're told a device went off but
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no one was hurt. >> now to atlantic city's casino crisis today. hundreds of taj mahal workers marched and demanded concessions to keep it open. they were invited in to talk it over. the workers hope new concessions from the city will convince investor carl icahn to bail the taj out and save 3,000 jobs. the play jor says trump entertainment owes $20 million in back taxes. he told the group he's working with state and federal leaders to find a solution. tonight, a former bucks county bank teller is accused of swiping cash from an elderly woman's account to feed her gambling addiction. authorities say she stole nearly $7,500 on the job at a citizens bank on bristol road in ben salem. most of it came from 594-year-old woman's account --
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94-year-old woman's account. police say she gambled at parks casino. a man is behind bars charged with sexually assaulting a university of delaware student on halloween. he is accused of offering the 19-year-old victim a ride home, sexually assaulting her and dropping her off near a residence hall friday morning. police say they tracked down his car and stopped him on kirkwood highway. he gave a fake gnoname but the victim later identified him. anchts property dispute involving a child's tree house. this is what part of grace's tree house looks like after someone went to it with a chain saw. her parents say the tree house is now unsafe and she can no longer use it. grace has down syndrome, and used the tree house for exercise. but some neighbors think the structure encroaches onto neighborhood property. and they're concerned about liability issues. the dispute has been going on for years.
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last week one neighbor decided to hire a contractor to take down part of the tree house. >> you can't cut that line. it's my kid's tree house. he stood there and said cut it, cut it. he put a chain saw right through and cut out the main structural support here. >> the coles don't deny the treehouse might encroach on other property, but they don't believe their neighbor had a legal right to take part of it down. nbc 10 tried multiple times to get in touch with the neighbor. he has not called us back. >> capable of killing. police uncover a high school student's plan to shoot up her own school. who was on her hit list and why she wanted it to be like coluk l columbine. >> it's a shame. a a freak accident that claimed one local man's life. >> plus, temperatures are warming um. but how soon the next round of heavy rain will roll through? we're back in 60 seconds.
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tonight the fbi and state and local police trying to find a woman kidnapped from a germantown street just over 24 hours ago now. this surveillance video shows a man dragging 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither and forcing her into his car. she's been missing now 26 hours. there's a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. we'll have updates online and through social media and starting on nbc 10 news today beginning at 4:00 a.m. a high school senior's hit list. tonight a 17-year-old high school girl from the main line is charged with terroristic threats. police say the radnor high school student wrote about killing a teacher, her fellow
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students and about her fondness with the columbine shoot ers. nbc 10's louann reports where the police showed off the student's notebook. >> reporter: she wrote about wanting the be the first female mass murder, her plan, the notes discovered today revealed she wanted to execute fellow students. >> she made references to killing a teacher, killing fellow students in a certain manner, and also by injurying herself. >> radnor police displayed the notes of a 17-year-old female at 11:30 this morning police were called to radnor high school when the writings were discovered in the high school certain's personal notebooks. >> but imagine the power the bullets leaving the gun with a loud bang, piercing kids around me. the way they collapse. their blood splattering the floor. the screams. >> sad for the girl and it's just sad. >> this parent of a radnor high school junior says her daughter and other students were
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terrified that they knew the student had a fascination with the mass murders at columbine high school. today we saw the letter she wrote to the parents of one of the columbine shooters. detailed notes of how she would execute her own plan. >> the rumor was circulates this would happen at the pep rally. >> police say they found no weapons and she has a history of psychological issues. >> we would be remiss if we did not take these threats seriously based on the thisry of violence in our school systems throughout the country. >> reporter: police say she's undergoing psychiatric treatment. she'll remain in custody and will be eventually charged as a juvenile with making terroristic threats. in radnor, luann con, nbc 10 news. authorities are trying to figured out who vandalizeded the september 11th feamemorial. it's clearer in pictures from the ground. the writing is in russian and it's all over the memorial. including a beam from the world
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trade center. a worker from camden county died today in a freak accident in north jersey. >> a tape measurer fell 50 stories off a building under construction, hit and killed him. the one-pound tape measure fell out of another worker's belt. he was delivering sheet rock. that tape measurer hit him on the head. he was not wearing a hard hat. tonight an update on a suspicious vehicle spots at a bucks county bus stop we told you about after police investigated it, the car belongs to a contractor working in the area. a bus driver saw the vehicle several times and reported it. police say the car is no longer suspicious. >> well, today was about ten dreers warmer than yesterday.
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tomorrow will be warmer than today. as we go into tomorrow morning, not as cold of a start. temperatures still oen the chilly side. especially north and west and especially in the suburbs. temperatures won't be as cold. north and west in in the sush you shalls, still in the upper 30s to mid 40s. it was colder this morning. at least it won't be as cold tomorrow. through the afternoon we have warmer temperatures setting up for you. warmer than today. 8 degrees warmer. as we go into thursday. we have more rain moving in. some of that could be heavy at times. right now the mid 50s in the lehigh valley to the philadelphia area. some suburbs in south jersey and delaware were in the 40s like wilmington. atlantic city at 47 degrees. we are watching a big area of moisture across the middle of the country. this is a cold front. as we go into thursday. this is the rain that will get here. now behind this rain, we have colder temperatures setting up.
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that won't be here until about the end of the weekend into the week. but before the rain gets here, the warmer air will move in. so temperatures will be staying quite a bit above average. . your can joan a couple of days of warm air. so overnight we stay dry. tomorrow the warmer air sets in through the afternoon. highs in the upper 60s. on wednesday, still a warmer day. you notice all the clouds moving in. so we may not hit 70 on wednesday. but thursday you see the rain moving in. some of this could be heavy. you definitely want your umbrella as we go into thursday. for tonight, partly cloudy. still in the mid 30s north and west. mid 40s in the philadelphia area tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon it will be sunny day. warmer day. 66 to 70 degrees.
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today only around 60 degrees. tomorrow will be warmer. and tomorrow is election day. so pretty good conditions for that. temperatures in the morning hours not as cold. close to mid 60s and by 6:00 p.m., the sunsets earlier now. so we'll be dropping down to mid 60s by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. so as we go into wednesday, you see more clouds moving in. upper 60s. still a warm day. look at temperatures behind the rain. only 50 going into the weekend. sunday looks like our next chance of rain. john? >> thanks. decision 2014 for a.j. burnett. will he be back with the phillies? and what about the new quarterback? that is next.
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hi. i'm john clark. his season could very well be over. six to eight weeks with a broken clavicle, but he does not need surgery. aaron rodgers missed two months with that injury last year. if knicks minick misses six wees
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the rest of the regular season. march sanchez is now the man at quarterback. here's sean mccoy on his radio sho show. >> i don't know they can hurt the second one. hey, man, what's up with nick? he said, yeah, he's hurt. he was confident. he dialed it up. he played big up top. he has some more weapons. guys have speed. so many different. doesn't have to make him do so much. >> and the eagles will get guard evan mathis back. the birds also signed safety chris prozinki from the jaguars. he's going to take over for the leaders of the eagles defense.
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his season is over. that's a big loss. a.j. burnett is done with the phillies. he declined the $7.5 million option. he wants to pitch for contender. big break if the phillies. sixers tonight. checking them out. they're going to love this block. on james harden. six steals, ten points, one rebound. 35 points tonight. sixers lose 104-93. they are 0-4. flyers defenseman returned to action. and the big ten reprimanded and fined maryland for starting a pregame fight. maryland players refused to shake hands right here. the big ten says that was exceptionally regrettable. bad sportsmanship.
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i'm john clark. we're right back.
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snchtsz a. a neighbor who hired a contractor to cut the tree called us tonight. he was worried about the liability if somebody got hurt on the neighborhood association property. final look at weather.
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>> and it's not going to be as cold tomorrow morning. amp highs will be warmer, near 70 degrees. same thing wednesday, but heavy rain moves in thursday. >> thank you. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching the tonight show is next.
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